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Ynsect, the company that will make you eat mealworms!

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Since 2011, the company has specialized in the breeding of a beetle called the molitor and its transformation into ingredients for animal, plant and soon even human nutrition.

These insects can be found in particular in the food for dogs and cats offered by certain veterinarians, but also in the form of fertilizer for wheat plants, corn, vines or private flowers.

Antoine Hubert is the director of Ynsect. For him, the period of health crisis has reinforced the meaning of his activity:

Our farms and our products allow us to produce more locally proteins and organic fertilizers for the food chains in France.

An ambition which should allow, according to him, to reach the national sovereignty in proteins, until now mainly imported from America. He adds: "Our products also make it possible to limit the use of chemical fertilizers, with benefits for the health and growth of the animals that eat them.

More concretely, Ynsect is an insect breeding farm almost like any other, in the tradition of silkworm breeding. The difference is that everything is automated, both for feeding the insects, harvesting the larvae and processing them into food.

The company employs a total of 150 people of 20 different nationalities. This expertise has enabled the company to register 260 patents worldwide and to have signed more than 100 million contracts to date.

But will we soon be able to find these insects on our plates? At least, that's what Antoine Hubert wants. In January, the European Food Safety Agency gave the green light for the human consumption of mealworms.

We know that it will take time for our insects to reach consumers' plates, but it makes sense for very specific uses, such as sports nutrition.

The start-up also intends to rely on its results in terms of health: the consumption of these mealworms would reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and in the liver.

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