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The dynamics of a rapidly growing company are very challenging. Scaling up a company requires considerable skill and judgment. And it doesn't happen by itself because if there's one thing we know you lack, it's time.


International Growth: Exporting


Don't miss out on the help and support available to businesses to grow and sell abroad, which can help you increase your sales, growth and stability.




Successful commercialization of innovation is the foundation for strong growth. We help companies adopt, develop and exploit innovative products and technologies. We help your R&D take off.


Talent and skills


To sustain strong growth, a company needs to build a talent pool. This means developing an apprenticeship program. We provide advice and assistance on how to design and start one.


Digital Skills


For digital businesses, there are a range of services designed to drive growth.  Most successful businesses already use them.


Financing and planning for business growth


Few fast-growing businesses will be able to scale successfully from their own profits.


There are many different types of financing available to a business that has ambitions to grow.


A bank loan is not the only way to raise funds to grow your business. For some businesses, equity investment, which is raising capital through the sale of company stock, may be more appropriate. 


For other businesses, debt financing may be more appropriate.  You may want to consider obtaining financing through other financing providers, such as peer-to-peer lenders or participatory financing platforms.


The environment is very favorable for businesses and those who invest in them. In addition to the growing diversity of funding sources, such as crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending, there are systems and incentives designed to help businesses of all sizes obtain funding.

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