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In order to assess the performance of different companies, we had to establish a set of Impact criteria against which they can be evaluated.


These criteria include factors such as Products Criteria, Environmental Criteria, Humanistic Criteria and Corporate responsibilities, among others.


Once these criteria have been established, each company can be assigned a score on each criterion.


This score is typically out of 100, with higher scores indicating better performance in that area.


Once all of the criteria have been evaluated and scores assigned, the overall score for each company can be calculated.


This is done by taking the average of all the criteria scores.

The resulting overall score provides a comprehensive measure of the company's performance across all of the Impact criteria.


It's important to note that the weighting of different criteria may vary depending on the specific goals and priorities of the evaluation process.


The goal of the evaluation process is to provide a clear and objective measure of each company's performance, allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions based on the results.

Product Criteria 

Environmental Criteria 

Humanistic Criteria  

Corporate Responsabilities

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