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Commercial law is a branch of private law relating to the organization of the activity of merchants and defining the legal regime applicable to commercial acts.

Being regulated by the Commercial Code, commercial law encompasses two aspects:

On the one hand, natural person traders

On the other hand, legal entities, i.e. commercial companies.

Commercial law also organizes commercial leases and the rights arising from them.

In spite of the simplicity and clarity of the articles of the Commercial Code, the intervention of a specialist in the matter remains strongly advised.


Business law is an integral part of private law. It is concerned with the activities of persons who participate in the market economy.

Business companies, but also agricultural or industrial production units that create wealth through a commercial act. Business law seeks the speed and simplicity of markets.


Banking law defines the legal framework in which financial activities are carried out, with credit institutions.

It is a complex law. For this reason, Hamann&Benson advises you and accompanies you in the drafting of legal documents related to banking law.


The development of commercial, craft and industrial activities requires the establishment of contracts (financing contracts, guarantee contracts, commercial contracts, partnership contracts, transactions).

Depending on their purpose, these contracts may have a more or less long duration

(sales contract, financing contract or franchise contract).

The drafting of business contracts therefore requires significant legal expertise in order to secure the drafting of the contract clauses (description of the missions, determination of the price, duration of the mission, liability clause, penalty clause, jurisdiction clause).


Procedures for seizure and disclosure of documents on the Internet, surveillance and respect for the privacy of employees in their professional environment, alert procedures.

Confidentiality policies, computer security charters and guidelines for the use of social media.

Assistance with the French Data Protection Authority (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés - CNIL)

Recommendations on issues related to e-commerce (general terms and conditions, contracts for the provision of IT services involving PCI-DSS compliance, implementation of international trading platforms and participatory financing platforms).

IT contracts (software licenses, software development contracts, website creation and development contracts, web hosting contracts)


The Troubled Companies service line assists managers, shareholders, creditors, partners and buyers in their decision-making when faced with a company in financial or economic difficulty.

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