Our 2019-2020 Prerogatives to Enhance the Football Fans' Experience in Stadiums

We pursue the objective to increase the happiness of the fan within the stadium. This will allow him to stay in the stadium longer and therefore he will be more likely to spend more and thus ultimately increase the club's resources.

It is necessary to add entertainment to keep the supporter as long as possible in the stadium.

We need to attract women to the stadiums much more. To do this, you have to make them want to go there by giving them an experience they will enjoy. While the current reception conditions in the stadiums are sufficient for some of them, more familiar with football culture, for the majority they are insufficient. The simple football match is not enough for them to enjoy going to the stadium. It is necessary to develop events ancillary to the match to make it more attractive to them. It is necessary to develop consumer products that will appeal to them.

In most stadiums it is necessary to add more shops. These shops must exist to encourage the fan to make additional purchases.

It is necessary to create a favorable environment that makes people consume in order to push the fan to spend more time and money in the stadium. Draughts, cold, are discouraging factors that do not allow the fan to consume more.

We need to develop the "eventialisation" of the game. Fans must be integrated into the game at each game. Flags distributed before the game for the players' entrance are including elements that allow everyone to join the event and feel part of the group, part of the tribe. These ancillary elements are essential for women and children, most of whom are less accustomed to this kind of atmosphere, and will help them to develop a better sense of belonging.

Creation of a Festive and Warm Atmosphere

The organisation of the atmosphere and the atmosphere in the heart of the stadium is generally left to the supporters/ultras in Latin countries. They cannot be the only ones to animate the stadium. They are a fundamental part of the atmosphere but are not at the heart of the marketing process.

It is necessary to create a positive dynamic in the stadiums and bring fun around the game. The stadium doors usually open two hours before the game starts. Fans must arrive as soon as possible and leave as late as possible.

Before the game starts, consumption of food, drink and related products must be encouraged. It is possible to integrate local drinks and specialties in order to strengthen the feeling of belonging to the region, the city and therefore the club.

The experience contributes to creating a sense of belonging to a regional community.

Participation of fans in games, Meeting with former players, Advices of the organizers, must lead the fans into the white rabbit hole. The white rabbit hole refers to the wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland. The fan must be amazed and disconnected from reality.

Shows must be promoted and organised within the stadium to entertain the supporter until the game starts. At the end of the match, an event must be organised and offered to the fans with music, dj (...) to encourage them to stay longer in the stadium.

Fans must keep having good time and feel home. This feeling of exclusivity will make them belong to a private circle.

Create a Historical Sports Environment

Legendary players use

The idea is to use the rich history of a club. You have to use the image of many players who have worn the team's shirt. It is necessary to choose the most relevant ones.

By relevant we must understand :

⦁ those who have worn the team's shirt the most

⦁ those who have scored the most in the club's history (over more than one season)

⦁ those who have scored the most in a season

⦁ players who have been iconic during major victories (major victories means trophies won)

⦁ players who have won many trophies with the club

⦁ players who have had prestigious individual distinctions with or without the club without being stamped with the logo of a competing club

These players must be upfront. It must be visual. Within the stadium, the shop and the museum, which are three fundamental components.

Within the stadium

Legendary players must be celebrated for each home season game. It must be announced on the club's website, as well as on social networks. The player must be introduced, because not all generations may know him. It must be accompanied by its legend. His legend is his history with the club. It must be visual, sonorous, rhythmic and commented. Each iconic player must have a scripted legend. It is similar to story telling. It is important to tell a story that will make fans dream.

In the stadium, each club's legendary player must be visible. Pictures, photos, players' names must be present. The screens must display images of current players as well as legendary players. Former players, the legends, must be introduced before the game, at half time and at the end of the game. Some of the fans must be allowed (after a draw) to meet the legendary player before or after the match. This must be possible for any game ticket holder.

Within the museum

Artifacts will be necessary to remember legendary players. Artifacts are objects that have belonged to the players or that can be use to quickly identify them. The elements to be favored are individual shirts or trophies, or any element that belonged to the player.

Celebrated players must also be visually and audibly captioned. That is why screens are needed within the museum. It is possible to take inspiration from Arsenal FC, which uses an Ipod and headphones in its museum and when visiting its stadium. A voice-over, sound effects, interviews and videos bring the visit to life and illustrate each subject covered during the tour. It is possible to replace the supply of the Ipod with an application that can be downloaded to smartphones.

Within the shop, current players and products must be a priority and some current season shirts must be flocked with former players names.

This stratagem reinforce nostalgia and ingrain more deeply the fan's feeling of belonging to the club. The deeper and more glorious the roots, the more the fan will want to stay and not be tempted by other potentially more prestigious club. The attachment to a club, to a story, allows the fan to be identified with the club.

Social Network Exclusive Contents

Exclusive contents consist of current elements (players training sessions, preparation for upcoming games, interviews), but also and above all, a reminder of the great past hours. This constant reminder will make fans consider their club big because it has been big several times in the past; even if the fan has never experienced it.

In addition to showing the significant events that took place in club's glorious history, it is necessary to obtain authentic testimonies from people who have actually attended it. These people will be able to share emotions that only fans can understand.

The Disneyland effect

Development of club's history and legend, warmness of the stadium, and pleasure of seeing the current team play, will almost automatically develop the attractiveness of the team and the stadium.

These elements will help to relax the fans' minds and make them more available to have fun. What we call the Disneyland effect is that once fans are in such mind spirit, they will be more inclined to invest themselves in the stadium and invest more resources there in order to bring back material and immaterial memories to home.

Items with club's logo must be available everywhere in the stadium. They must arouse the desire to buy them, and the price must of course be designed according to the fan targeted. The population going to the stadium must be predominantly family. Women, as well as men and children, are marketing targets. They must ALL be able to feel belonging to the club.

A Vivid and Entertaining Team

Our studies of stadium dynamics show that there is a correlation between the presence of supporters in the stadium, with the ticket price, the number of goals scored, and the number of wins. These factors are palpable and easily quantifiable. The beautiful game is difficult to define. So we will qualify a team beautiful to watch, as a team going forward, creating more opportunities than the opponent (2 to 3 times) or more than other teams, converting a maximum of these opportunities, and giving intensity. The intensity is measured in particular by the number of kilometers run during a match by the entire team.

Multiplication of emotions will develop fans positive feelings for the team and make them love and remember this team for decades. Thus, these feelings artificially recreate the mechanism of love feelings.

According to several studies, we fall in love, we love and we remains in love thanks to a series of events repeated many times.

Love must be exploited and used to build loyalty among supporters.

It is therefore essential to develop a game that will create as many opportunities as possible, leading to "many" goals and potential victories. The term "many" means more than fans' expectations and is written with the acronym "MTE" (More Than Expected)".

Even if a fan is always too emotionally involved, he hopes that his club will always beat the team across the street even if there are several divisions between them.

The concept of MTE is what the fan can rationally imagine/expect +1. Satisfaction and emotions will come from the unexpected and unpredictable.

Fan Incorporation Experience

Each month by draw, a fan will be able to spend at least one training session with players. For this, the only condition is to be registered on the website and listed as a member. It may be more appropriate to reserve this gain for children (a child is defined as a person under 15 years of age). Indeed, he is necessarily part of a family cocoon that includes his parents and potential brothers and sisters. It may be interesting to allow members of the same siblings to participate in the experiment if they so wish.

Adults must also be allowed to spend a day or a short time with one or more players.

By draw, it may be interesting to invite fan during the match, thanks to his ticket. Any ticket holder is therefore likely to have an extraordinary experience. To both experience the game on the edge of the pitch and visit the players in the dressing room at the end of the game.







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